Fire Roasted Carolina Reaper Cheese

Product Description

Spicy food lovers rejoice! Grandpa's Fire Roasted Carolina Reaper Cheese is here to heat up your taste buds!

Creamy yellow cheddar blended with HOT Carolina Reaper Peppers is sure to be your new favorite cheese. 

While this cheese is very hot, it still has an excellent taste that sometimes is lost by overpowering heat. 

CAUTION! One more time, this cheese is extremely HOT! For reference, the Scoville Heat Scale measures how spicy foods are in Scoville units. Tabasco sauce tops out at 1,200-8,000 Scoville units. Carolina Reaper Cheese is over 1 MILLION Scoville units HOT! For the most daring cheese and heat lovers only. Enjoy!

Approximately 0.40 lbs. of cheese per package. 

$ 6.95

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